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What people say
Read what the people that have already been on our DVSA approved courses have to say about their experience. Click for more
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What People Say

We will ask you to give us feedback on the course, here’s what others have said -

"everyone should have the chance to do this course"

"it's OK and not as bad as it sounds" "go for it"

"I learnt so much and (I never thought I'd say this!) even enjoyed it, thank-you"

"I can't tell you how much I was not looking forward to this! But the other people were great, so were the tutors, I'm really pleased I did it now, I feel better about me! I can leave this experience behind me and move on! Thank you"

"Courses are run in a comfortable venue, in a friendly, informative and nonjudgmental way, I'm really pleased I did the course, it was well worth the money"

"Lose some of your ban and learn something"

"informal + caring + sincere" "life changing!"

"everybody in the group was so helpful, do it"

"take it, it's well worth the time and effort"

There are loads more - we hope you will feel the same.
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