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Course Calendar & Booking

Stage one

Location: HIGH WYCOMBE     Course number: HWY19/07

Cost: £182.00

First Date: 13/07/2019 (Sat)

Second Date: 20/07/2019 (Sat)

Third Date: 27/07/2019 (Sat)

Times: 10:00-16:30

Places Left: Available

Venue Address:
The Hub, Union Baptist Church,, Easton Street,, HIGH WYCOMBE., HP11 1NJ
Come out of the station, go left and use the zebra crossing in front of the station blue multi-storey car park. Walk across the front of the car park, over the next zebra crossing and up the few steps to Birdcage Walk (pathway). Turn right so you walk across the front of the Easton Street multi-storey car park (grey concrete); just after the car park there is a brick wall about 8ft long. At the end of this is a pathway down the side of a 'prefab' garage, which leads down to The Hub. There is full disabled access. Look for our DDE signs, once at the venue.
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